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Coronavirus Disease 2019


Updated: 3/12/2020

What are we doing to safe guard YOU and OUR EMPLOYEES at Physicians’ Building Group

We are following universal precautions put in place by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

We have listed below precautions now in place:

Screening patients

Done by our Registered Nurse to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

Implemented a separation policy

To keep those who possibly have been exposed separate from others in waiting room.

Hand washing education

Reviewed steps with staff & new signs restrooms.

Using Protective gear as needed

Gowns, gloves, & face masks.

Removed all unnecessary literature in waiting rooms and exam rooms

To help prevent cross contamination.

More frequent routine sanitation

Chairs, door knobs, & surfaces.

Hand sanitizers available throughout the office

If needed.

Educational reminders on proper cough etiquette

Signs placed throughout our building.

We are taking these steps to help minimize exposure and risk to COVID-19, seasonal flu, and other respiratory illnesses.

Precautions to come:

Motion activated water faucet in each restroom.
Motion activated hand sanitizers for exam rooms.

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